Ordering a diploma

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Once you have completed a degree at the University of Bergen, you may order your diploma here. The order will go directly to your faculty. The faculty will issue your diploma within eight weeks after the last examination results for the degree are announced. The diploma will be sent by registered mail to your given address.

Important about language
All Diplomas are issued in Norwegian only. If you order a diploma without having obtained a degree, your application will be disregarded.

Exams taken this semester
If you have taken any exams this semester that you which to include in your degree, please make sure the results are registered on the StudentWeb before ordering your diploma. This does not apply to students at Faculty of Law.

Name changes
If you have changed your name, or your name appears incorrectly on the StudentWeb, you have to fill in a form and upload documentation at UiB and me. Otherwise, your name will be be incorrectly printed on the diploma.

Please take good care of your diploma. It will be issued only once!


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